Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain Raindrop Design

Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain Raindrop Design

Pioneer Pet Fountains brings you this great alternative to plastic bowl type pet fountains. The stainless steel pet drinking fountain features the popular raindrop design that is so stylish it compliments any type of home decor. Now your pet can have a real adventure while drinking the moving water he finds naturally appealing, and the look of your home is not compromised with an ugly looking pet accessory. of course, this fountain features filtered water, which is accomplished through the replaceable charcoal filter. The huge 60 ounce capacity reduces your workload by not having to refill the fountain as often as other fountains or pet bowls. The use of stainless steel as the main material for this fountain protects your pets from bacterial infection. This is accomplished naturally because stainless steel is resistant to bacteria growing on its surface. This stainless steel fountain fits right in if placed in your kitchen area. It is not a stretch to say that this is the best looking as well as the best functioning pet fountain on the market today, even better looking than a ceramic pet fountain.

Customer feedback on this fountain shows the unit is not only good looking but is very strong. There are other alternatives to plastic such as ceramic, however customers report this stainless steel fountain is much stronger as it will not break if handled roughly and knocked around by your pet or child. Other customers pointed out that in their experience the filter only needs to be replaced monthly, and they find the unit is very easy to give an overall cleaning. Cat owners are very aware of cat urinary tract infections, and they cite the use of the pet fountain as a great way to have your cat drink enough water on their own just because it is the kind of flowing water they naturally crave.Your pet has a choice of drinking from three types of water all combined in this one fountain! They can drink from water flowing out of the pump as if it was a water fountain, they can drink the water as it flows down the ramp, or they can drink from the pool of water in the bowl section. Drinking water really has become fun for your pet, and that will help ensure they get as much as they need.

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