Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

As more and more people look for the right pet fountain for their situation, manufacturers have started to produce options that were not available just a couple of years ago. The most popular among these is the stainless steel pet fountain. Right now there is really only one option if you want a fountain that is made out of stainless, and that is the Stainless Steel Pet Fountain Raindrop Design, made by Pioneer Pets. This fountain is very stylish, and will fit right in just about anywhere in your home. Many plastic fountains just do not look very good, but that cannot be aid of this one. This same fountain is also available in the ceramic pet fountain version, and that one is just as popular and a few dollars cheaper.

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If you have done much pet fountain research you already have heard of Drinkwell Pet Fountains. Drinkwell is coming out with a stainless steel fountain that is going to be perfect for those of you who have large pets or multiple dogs or cats. The Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain will be released fully in the next few months, and I can by the number of inquiries we receive here that it is going to be extremely popular. We will let you know as soon as this fountain becomes available, and the best way for you to allow us to do that is to sign up for our free newsletter at the bottom of the page.

OK, so why are stainless fountains so popular and sought after? There are a couple of really good answers for that. The first, and in our opinion the most important has to do with your pet’s health. Stainless steel is a much “cleaner” material from which to make a pet accessory. That is why you see so many food and water dishes on the market made from stainless. Even though they are more expensive than the other versions, people still buy them. Stainless is a material that bacteria cannot populate nearly as easily as they can plastic. Let’s face it, when dealing with pets we are not always dealing with the cleanest animals around, so it is important to find ways to keep their environment clean. One great way of doing that is with the use of stainless surfaces for their drinking and eating areas. The real problem with plastic bowls and dishes is that they scratch easily, and in those scratches bacteria find the perfect place to grow, and even thrive. On top of that, even a smooth plastic surface will allow bacteria to grow much more easily than stainless steel. A few extra dollars spent on the front end providing a cleaner and more sanitary food and water environment for your pet will be money saved in the long run via fewer trips to the vet.

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